Are you a startup with the following expertise:

  1. Distribution supply chain with platforms that can support tracking of goods from warehouse to distributors, receiving of reordering placements, and dashboard analytics capability.
  2. Data analytics for agriculture and predictive analytics capabilities.
  3. Record-keeping solutions, including GIS tagging capabilities.
  4. Retail invoicing, automation of bills, automation of order placement, and fulfillment processes.
  5. Event logistics including ticketing, equipment supply, etc.

We need you!

Qhala and UK-Kenya Tech Hub invite you to apply to join the iHelix Corporate Linkages Programme to support a range of Kenyan corporates in solving some of their most intractable problems in the above areas. Our search for startups is not restricted to Kenya. Any startup with the above expertise can apply.

The application deadline is 7 March 2022.

Qhala, in partnership with UK Kenya Tech Hub, has created the iHelix Linkages Programme to bring together corporates who have a specific operational challenge and start-up companies that have the expertise to meet that challenge

Please make sure you have read the legal terms and conditions and the non-disclosure agreement in the application form before you apply

We look forward to engaging with you.